Mission Statement

The Canadian Urban Data Catalogue (CUDC) is an open urban data repository created to foster, promote, and facilitate access to datasets for the urban data domain. CUDC stores metadata about each dataset in the repository to increase awareness amongst urban researchers. It brings city administrators, citizens, and academic research centres together to enhance local communities by promoting collaboration and innovation toward building digital city infrastructures. Access to the CUDC removes barriers by providing a single point to search, storage, organization, and change-tracking while delivering consistent and secure access to the data. In addition, the catalogue includes a curated list of meta-data to clearly and concisely define the purpose and licensing information and seamlessly select and incorporate catalogued data sets for various purposes.

Urban Data Centre

The Urban Data Centre (UDC) leverages the potential of urban data to enhance the design, planning and operations and improve the delivery and impact of programs and services for its citizens. Our mission is to break down traditional data 'silos' within cities and give them greater interoperability and control over their digital infrastructure.

School of Cities

The University of Toronto School of Cities is a world-leading centre for innovative interdisciplinary urban research, education and engagement. It is where diverse communities will come together to spark new insights and design creative ways for cities and their residents to thrive. The School of Cities is a solutions incubator for urban-focused researchers, educators, students, practitioners and the general public to explore and address the complex global challenges facing urban centres. ​​​​​

​A living laboratory, the School leverages urban data and lived experience to improve policy and decision-making, and collaborates with city leaders around the world to make local decisions that make cities and urban regions more sustainable, prosperous, inclusive and just. The School of Cities seeks to leverage its extraordinary community of urbanists and urban-oriented researchers to create a rich, multidisciplinary community of urban faculty, researchers and students across disciplines and perspectives.


The dataset metadata catalogued on CUDC is provided under an open license. Each dataset in the repository has its own access license. Please see License for each dataset for more information.

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